November 6, 2008

ha-long-bayWith an area of 1,500 square kilometers and 1,600 isands and islets, among which nearlt 1,000 having been named, Ha Long Bay contains high easthetic and cultural values, and was eagarded as the eighth wander of the world. According to annals and other ancient documents, befor the XIX th century, Ha Long Bay was recorded wth different other names: Giao Chau, Luc Chau, LucHai, Luc Thuy, Hai Dong, An Giang, etc… At the end of the XIXth century, the name Ha Long Bay began to appear on French maritime maps. Choose the best Vietnam Travel Deals for your vacations.
Ha Long means “Descending Dragon”. This name took its source from this legend:
“…One upon a time, our country suffered from an invasion of foreign enemies. Heaven ordered a Mother Dragon to descend on earth with her numerous children to help the innocent people to fight their enemy. Foreign warships impetuously as-sailed our country’s seacoast. The dragons ejected fire and reduced to ashes all enemy waships. After the victory, Mother Dragon and her children saw that the landscapes here are too beautiful. They did not consent to return fo Heaven, so were transformed into thousands of inlands and islets.

The place where Mother Dragon descended twisting and turning is now Ha Long Bay. That of children dragons’ descending is now Bai Tu Long Bay. The long spit of land where dragons’ tails thrashed about, leacing a snow shite area, became Long Vi (Dragon Tail), nao Tra Co peninsula with its smooth sand bank of tens kilometers long”

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Bulgarian Deputy PM votes for Ha Long Bay

November 5, 2008

halong-bay-vietnamQuang Ninh was the first leg in the Deputy PM’s official visit to Vietnam from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 at the invitation of his Vietnamese counterpart Pham Gia Khiem.

Ha Long Bay now stands second after the Philippines’ Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in the list of 77 candidates in the online voting for seven new world natural wonders launched by the NewOpenWorld.

Thanks to the local authorities’ efforts to promote its images, the bay is a magnet for tourists to Quang Ninh province.

In the past ten months, the province welcomed 3.8 million tourists, a record number so far, with most of them coming from China, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Italia, France, and Spain.

The wild beauty in Binh Tien

November 1, 2008

_wTo reach the beach, travel along Highway 1A from Phan Rang City in the direction of Nha Trang to km marker 1525 (31km from Phan Rang and 72km from Nha Trang), turn right onto a small newly-built road, about 2km long, and then pass over a spring named “Spring of Fresh Water” that connects the two sea straits in Cam Lap Commune, Khanh Hoa Province and Cong Hai Commune in Ninh Thuan Province.

The centre of Binh Tien area is a small village located under the shade of rows of coconut trees. Binh Tien Beach spreads out over about 3km with white and soft sand and its waves are not big. Particularly, the sea water is very clean and clear.

Binh Tien Beach in summer offers visitors thatch roofed huts where they can enjoy such seafood favourites as cuttlefish, crabs and snails while taking in the fresh sea air. Furthermore, it is very interesting to behold sunrise on the beach, particularly at Ca Tien Beach on the southern side, 1km away.

If tourists reach the mountain peak when the sun rises out of the sea, they will be amazed and fascinated by the charming scenery. The bright sunshine reflects off the soft and white sandy beach surrounded by rocks of different shapes. Once visited, it promises to be a “must return”.